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How to clear cache on Android

Clear cache on Android

How to clear the cache on Android? How to clear cached applications on Android? The application cache stores certain data in the memory of the mobile applications you use. By storing this information, such as images, the applications will run faster. But these temporary files take up space.

Find out how to clean and delete the application cache on Android.


Why clear application cache on Android?

Before cleaning your Android mobile device by clearing the app cache, it is important to know what it stores and what it is used for.

The Android operating system stores a lot of information when you use mobile applications.

The role of the cache is to physically store some files and data on your mobile so that you do not have to reload images, text, etc. do not have to reload images, text, etc, in future requests.

For data-intensive applications like Facebook or Twitter, caching speeds up execution but requires a lot of storage space. If you don’t clear the application’s cache, the cached useless data will accumulate and take more and more space.

Is it good to clear the cache on any Android devices? If the memory of your phone or tablet is full, or if the available storage space turns out to be insufficient, you should clear the cached application files on Android. Clearing your Android app cache will remove unnecessary temporary files and free up internal memory.

Perform a memory cleanup to free up space. Clearing cache on Android is especially useful for freeing up storage space and cleaning up your phone.


Android cache – Clear

There are two ways to clear the Android cache and temporary files of your mobile apps: you can manually clear the cache of an app or clear the entire Android cache.

It’s recommended to choose the full wipe to free up most of the storage space on your mobile device. Find out how to clear the Android app cache.


App cache

It is possible to clear the cache of an app. This technique is especially useful if you want to delete the temporary files of an app, such as Facebook. Therefore, the cache of other apps will not be affected.

Here you can see how to clear the cache of an Android app:

  • Go to the home screen of your Android device and click on “Settings”.
  • Open the list of apps and click on “Manage apps”.
  • Search the list for the apps you want to use to clear the cache, and select.
  • Finally, click on “Clear Cache” to clear the cache of that app.

Besides clearing the cache, you can also clear the mobile app data. Both actions can free up a lot of storage space, but clearing the data requires you to log back into your account to use the app.

For example, if you delete data from the Facebook app, you will need to log in to your Facebook account to access your newsfeed, receive notifications, etc.


Clean the cache from all Android apps.

The second technique is to clear the cache of all Android apps with one click. This is an ideal method if there is not enough storage space on your smartphone or tablet.

How to clear the Android cache completely? This option is available in “Storage”, which classifies the use of storage space according to the file menu (apps, pictures, and videos, downloads, cache, etc) and the allocated volume.

Here you can learn how to clear the cache of Android:

  • Go to the main screen of your Android device and tap “Settings”.
  • Click on the “Storage” tab to access the internal storage options.
  • Then tap “Cache data” to clear the cache of all Android apps.

When you launch an app, Android will start caching the data and various images.  Cleaning your Android mobile device should be done frequently if you want to keep your phone optimized. There is no option to clear the cache files on Android.

You can install an app like CCleaner for Android that scans your storage space and performs automatic cleanups to remove files that clog up your phone: cache, old files, uninstalled apps you don’t use

The goal is to keep your phone clean and fast by removing unnecessary data.

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