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How To Delete Your Telegram Account?

Delete your Telegram account

Why Delete Telegram Data?

Telegram is a cloud chat service that has an app for multiple platforms and even a web version, so you don’t need to install anything and you can use it from the browser. You can also have multiple Telegram sessions on different devices and have everything synchronized. But you may need to delete your Telegram account, which is very simple, and we tell you how to do it step by step.

Telegram has many tools in addition to chat between people or groups, there are video calls and voice calls, it also offers the ability to interact with bots, the possibility of secure and encrypted conversations where you can self-destruct the text we write. 

If, despite all the possibilities of Telegram, you have decided to abandon social networks, and among them this one, it is a good reason to delete your Telegram account. It is possible that you receive many messages and you want to be quiet without having to be aware of who or what publishes.


In this case, it would be ideal to delete your Telegram account completely. It is also possible that this phone number associated with your Telegram account does not exist or that you provide it to us, in this case, we do not have the person who inherits this phone number associated with your Telegram account, this is common with business phone numbers.


Unlike WhatsApp, which has the option to delete your WhatsApp account from the application, Telegram does not have this option, although it has many options or even some more than WhatsApp.


In any case, you have two options to completely delete your Telegram account, we can also simply delete all Telegram data to free up some space, even if it is in the cloud, some data will take up space for the app to work better.

We guide you through the execution of these options in a few simple steps.

Delete conversations and files in Telegram

If you want to delete data in Telegram, you do not have to worry because the data is in the cloud and, as a rule, does not take up space on your device, although Telegram has a cache where it stores certain data for better or faster rendering, in this case, if it can take up space on your phone.

Telegram uses this cache to play faster and does not need to reload them for video files, gifs and others, these data are stored on our phone, so even if we have them in the cloud, they will take up space. We will show you how to delete this data.

  1. We open Telegram and go to Settings.

2. Click on Data and Storage to open this option.

3. At the top is the storage usage option, click on it to enter.

4. In the device storage section, we can see what we have stored on our phone and what is taking up the Telegram cache, in some cases, it can be a large amount.

Select Clear Telegram cache.

5. We click on Clear Telegram Cache and it will free up the space corresponding to the cache.

Now we have more free space on our phone, but we have not lost any conversations, cached data that has been deleted, such as videos or gifs transferred to our phone, we can reload them if we want, which takes up space in the cache. 

We also have the option to clear Telegram’s cache directly from the phone’s settings, so you don’t have to open the app. Note that depending on the model of your phone, the options may vary slightly, let’s see how to do it.


  1. Let’s go to the phone settings.

2. We look for the iPhone Storage or Applications option and enter it.

3. You may need to type Telegram and select it, or else look for Telegram in the listing and click on it to enter the options.

4. We look for the Delete App, although you may need to enter the Storage option first.

Being a cloud-based service, the conversations stay there, but there is also the possibility to empty the chats or directly delete them, you can even delete conversations only for you if you do not want anyone to see them, or delete everything, even for the other person.

  1. We go to the list of conversations and select the conversation we want to delete, to select it we leave the conversation pressed, in this way we can delete several at once if we do the same with other conversations, groups or channels.

2. Once we have selected them we click on the Delete button.

3. If we check the box Delete also for…, in addition to deleting it for us it will also be deleted for the other person, otherwise, we will not see the conversation, but the other person will still be able to see it.

Delete your Telegram Account!

Telegram does not have a button that performs this action immediately as we have seen that WhatsApp does have, if we want to delete the account we have two options, one would be to leave it unused for a while, then Telegram will take care of deleting it for us, and another is to immediately request its deletion.

If you are determined it is better to make a copy of the data you are interested in because you will not be able to recover any of this. We are going to show you both methods that, although it may seem a bit complicated, can be done in very few steps.

The first option would be, through the application, to request the deletion of the account when it has a period of inactivity, the times include 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

  1. We open the application Settings.

2. Select the Privacy and security option to enter it.

3. Scroll down to the option Delete my account and click on it to see the self-destruction times of the account.

4. We select 1 month since we want to delete the account as soon as possible.

Within the established period, if we have no activity with this Telegram account, it will be deleted with all its content.

If we can not wait, Telegram puts at our disposal the option to delete the account immediately, we will have to make the request through a dedicated website for this, we tell you how.

  1. We enter the website to request the immediate deletion request of the Telegram account.
  2. We write our phone number as indicated, in the international format, that is adding the code +1 or your Country code in front of the phone number and click on Next.

3. We will receive a code that we will have to enter on the website in our Telegram account as a private chat.

4. Once we enter the code we click on Sign in and our Telegram account will be automatically deleted, with no option to go back.


In just a few seconds we will be left without a Telegram account and everything we have in it, conversations and data, along with our contact list, will be deleted.

It is possible that sometimes you need to delete a phrase or conversation if you do not want to leave a trace of it, either if we make a mistake or if we do not want anyone else to read it after a while.

For this, you can open private and secure chats in Telegram, where you can self-destruct after a while, but you can also delete the phrases that interest you manually.

Even so, although Telegram offers us the option to delete sentence by sentence of those we have written both for you and for the person to whom it is intended, it is also possible to delete the entire chat, even the conversation we had open with this person.

So we can delete at will the phrases we need from a conversation or the entire conversation, having to open a new chat with this person if we want to converse with her again.

It is also possible that we want to delete our Telegram account, if this is your case we offer you two possibilities to do this, one simply leave it without activity and it will be deleted after the time we have configured automatically, but if we can urgently request this through the link that we have left above and the action will be performed immediately, in a few seconds everything will be deleted without the possibility of going back.


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